The iPhone keyboard BlackBerry users will love.

Everything you loved about your BlackBerry, with new features to enhance your iPhone.

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Stop missing your physical keyboard.

Everything you loved about your BlackBerry.

Speed + accuracy together

Say goodbye to typos as you type flawlessly on the move. Reclaim complete control over your words.

Type with confidence

Remember what it felt like to type without looking at your phone? Clicks brings that to iPhone.

The perfect click

Nothing beats the satisfying tactility of real buttons under your thumbs that feel and sound perfect.

“In many ways Clicks is better than the best BlackBerry keyboards. It’s everything I love about a real keyboard together with all the apps and benefits of iPhone”

- Kevin Michaluk, founder of

Plus new features your BlackBerry could never do:

Unlock 50% more screen

By moving the keyboard off screen, Clicks frees up real-estate for creating and engaging with content.

iOS keyboard shortcuts

Breeze through tasks with the shortcuts you use on your Mac or iPad, now on iPhone for the first time.

36 custom action buttons

Trigger automations, launch apps and take action at the push of a button on your keyboard.

Loved by BlackBerry users like you

So easy to use!

This brings back memories of the keyboard phones I used to love without having to change from using an iPhone! Allows me to have my full screen to view all my content is perfect!

- Tara N

I can type without looking again

Brings back the feel of typing without looking. Once you get the hang of where each key sits, you’ll soon type without looking at the keyboard and be more productive and immersed in the conversation than the device.

- Sherdon E

Modern smartphone living meets buttons

Clicks brings back that BlackBerry je ne sais quoi and allows us to blend modern smartphone living with keyboard functionality. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made and I will be purchasing for each iPhone upgrade I make.

- Nathan M

Designed by keyboard experts & button lovers

Unmatched experience and expertise in building the perfect keyboard for BlackBerry lovers.

Joseph Hofer

As a lead BlackBerry designer for over ten years, Joseph crafted some of the most beloved keyboards from the Bold 9000 and BlackBerry Q10 to the BlackBerry Passport and beyond.

CrackBerry Kevin

The most passionate and knowledgeable BlackBerry reviewer has critiqued every BlackBerry keyboard and understands the recipe for the perfect click.


As a prolific tech reviewer with 1.2 million followers, MrMobile is a button phone enthusiast with a keen sense of how to blend form with function.

Jeff Gadway

After leading product marketing at BlackBerry and launching many of the most popular keyboard phones, Jeff understands what customers want and expect from a keyboard.

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