Getting started Clicks for iPhone

Welcome to Clicks!

From opening up screen real estate to powerful new shortcuts, Clicks is so much more than just a keyboard for typing.

This short guide will help you discover your new Clicks creator keyboard and how it extends the power of your iPhone.

Let's get started.

1Connecting Clicks

Slide iPhone into Clicks at a shallow angle.

Take care not to bend the Lightning or USB-C connector.

Once securely clicked in, adjust the top of Clicks around iPhone.

2Holding Clicks

Cradle your iPhone

Hold your iPhone like you would with any large screen smartphone.

Rest the bottom edge of the phone on your pinky fingers and support the back with your ring and middle fingers.

Your index finger should rest comfortably on the back or the sides.

The Prayer Position

If you grip the phone with both hands at the very bottom of the keyboard your may find it feeling top heavy.

3Clicks Basics

123 +

Press together to turn on/off backlight.


Capitalize letters. Press once for Shift and twice for caps lock.


Press once for numbers & symbols and press twice for 123 lock.


Tap into powerful iOS shortcuts across apps.


Tap for speech-to-text. Hold to activate Siri.


Access symbols / emojis / Show and Hide iOS keyboard.

Caps Lock

Double press Shift to lock uppercase characters. Press Shift again to disengage.


Select word predictions and auto complete suggestions.

Clicks tip:

To type alternate characters like numbers and symbols that appear on the top of each key, press the then press the key. Or double tap to enable symbol lock.
There are two ways to use emoji with Clicks:

1. Using the virtual keyboard
a. Press the button to raise the on-screen keyboard
b. Open the emoji tray using the touchscreen

2. Using the Emoji keyboard
a. Add the emoji keyboard as a language on iOS settings
b. Settings > General > Keyboard
c. Choose ‘keyboards’ and then ‘Add new keyboard
d. Select ‘Emoji’ from the list of available keyboards AND be sure to add one more language
e. Congrats, you can now quickly pull up the emoji tray when in a text field by pressing the globe key

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Mac and iPad users have come to rely on keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. Clicks brings these to iPhone for the first time. Fly through tasks with keyboard shortcuts and dedicated keys that give you ultimate control of your phone.

Many popular iOS keyboard shortcuts are supported by Clicks and we continue to discover more that work everyday!

Press CMD + H to get back to your home screen

Wake/Unlock Your iPhone

Tap a button on keyboard to wake screen and unlock with FaceID (no need to swipe on touchscreen!)

Press CMD + Spacebar to launch search

iOS global shortcuts

CMD + H = return to home
CMD + Space = launch search
Press & hold Microphone button to activate Siri

In Safari/Chrome, use spacebar to scroll through web pages


CMD + N to compose a new message
CMD + R to reply to message
CMD + T to respond with emphasis
CMD + I to show contact information

CMD + N to compose a new email
CMD + L filter inbox
Tab: search inbox

In an email
BACKSPACE (delete current message CMD + R to reply
CMD + A to select all

Space bar: scroll site, one page at a time
CMD + N for new tab
CMD + W to close current tab
CMD + Y for history
CMD + I to send current page via email
CMD + F to find on page
CMD + R to refresh page
CMD + D to bookmark page

CMD + F to search for music
CMD + N for new playlist
Photos & Videos

Return to enter editing mode
Voice Notes

CMD + N starts a new voice note recording
CMD + S stops and saves a voice note recording

Space bar: start/stop video clip playback
CMD + B: split flip
CMD + R: rotate clip

You will also find many shortcuts work within third party apps.

Getting Addicted to Clicks

Whether you’re a former smartphone keyboard typer or it’s your first time, there’s always an adjustment period to get used to typing on buttons. Clicks for iPhone users typically report a learning curve that goes along these lines:

  • 20 Minutes to learn Clicks and get used to pushing buttons
  • 2 Hours to get comfortable with the Clicks keyboard layout and controls so you're using alternate characters, symbols and emoji with ease
  • 2 Days to master Clicks typing and start putting shortcuts to use and figuring out which apps you find Clicks adds the most value
  • 2 Weeks to build up the muscle memory and become addicted to Clicks (you’ll never want to use your iPhone again without Clicks!)

It’s completely normal for typing on buttons to feel a little foreign at first and it will take some getting used to learn where all the buttons are and making capital letters and alternate characters.

Adding a keyboard to the iPhone is a new experience that we equate to picking up a musical instrument. You’re never going to be able to play beautiful music straight away - it takes some practice. Once you get over the initial learning curve though it becomes a skill that is second nature.

Keep in mind that while you’re getting used to typing on Clicks you can still use the touchscreen keyboard on iOS even while your iPhone is attached to Clicks. Just because the buttons are there doesn’t mean you have to use them all the time.

Once you’re up to speed with Clicks you’ll find your own preferred way of using your Clicks-ified iPhone.

Clicks is built to extend the power of iPhone

What’s a creator keyboard? It’s a tool that extends what people love about the iPhone for creation. Clicks free up the screen for content, makes it easy to create on the go, and helps users take full control of their phone with keyboard shortcuts.

More Space for Content

Virtual keyboards take up to 50% of the screen real estate today. This creates a challenge now that a lot of app experiences are built around consuming and creating content at the same time. Clicks moves the keyboard off the display making more room available for apps and content.

Create On The Go

People rely on physical keyboards every day on laptops, computers and even the iPad with the keyboard case. Real buttons are just better for many tasks. By adding a keyboard to iPhone as an accessory, typing becomes so natural it makes it easy to tackle more tasks on the go (without waiting to get back to a desk).

FAQs for new Clicks users

Sometimes the backlight can get toggled off accidentally. Hold the '123' key and press the Globe key to toggle the backlight between off and auto modes

1. Make sure that Clicks is properly seated on the lightning/USB-C.
2. Try rebooting your iPhone as this often resets Clicks.